Full Moon?

Full Moon?

I’m sure this moon has already caused me to turn into someone else. 

I’m one of those people that has a complete personality change when the moon is full. I’m extremely grouchy. Tired. Annoyed at everything. Yes. 

Usually I’m all of those, but a full moon definitely magnifies these morsels of personality I carry. 

I also have this raging desire to drink alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. 

but if i was able to choose what I turn into when there’s a full moon:

I would become a fire-breathing eagle. 

ha, just kidding. as badass as that sounds, probably not.

Perhaps a majestic lion. no, no no. 

Unicorn? Hm, not really. 

Fire goddess from Samoan mythology, Nafanua? better not. 


I think I would like to be a mermaid. Yeah. A mermaid.

Swimming away with my mermaid friends. Hanging out. No taxes, no bills, don’t have to buy gas for a car. Well, I don’t know if there is some weird mermaid government in the ocean, but I imagine there isn’t haha.

A mermaid. That’s what I’d turn into. 


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